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Pooh Solutions was established by Stuart McConville of Northern NSW whilst studying for his Degree in Environmental Science at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW. He was inspired by the desire to satisfy all three of his own criteria for what he thinks should guide us in our passions. These are, simply put; respect for yourself, respect for the earth and respect for all that live upon it. Stuart owns and runs a small Pecan nut farm and has many international guests (backpackers) that come and work for a while.

He has always been proud of his stand alone composting toilet and regularly thrusts handfuls of composted humanure under the noses of the backpackers that come to visit. It seemed only natural that he would slowly slide down the dirty road of compost and grey water re-use.

Nowadays Stuart runs a small consultancy business designing on-site compost, water re-usage, and disposal systems for clients across the Australian Northern Rivers area. Stuart practices what he preaches so Stu’s farm boasts complete re-integration of the resource we mistakenly call human waste into his farming practices.

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